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Shelley is a clean(ish) eating & cooking fro-yo lover with California roots and a gypsy soul. Looking to drop her final baby weight post-partum with her baby as her wing-man, Shelley found a passion for at-home fitness and adapting recipes to make them healthier and cleaner. With a pre-baby background as a small business owner and event coordinator at Better Half Weddings, Shelley has always had an eye for details. Documenting her journey living in North County San Diego through Instagram, @seashellsandsitups, and her blog, shelleyhopper.com as 'the healthy mama next door' turned single mom, Seashells and Sit Ups was born. 


Shelley believes life is meant to be explored with a wanderlust spirit, whether through travel or in the kitchen, and that life is better when you're laughing, exploring, and surrounded by friends and family. With that foundation, you can survive, thrive, and bloom into your best self.










Welcome to a little slice of my world, where I’m enjoying the ride with my 3-year old wingman.


I grew up in Northern California playing soccer and volleyball competitively through childhood, was always a bit of a dreamer, and always pretty creative, testing my limits as to what 'staying in the lines' meant. 


I grew up in an amazing town, where being a youth was filled with sports, camps, and adventures. I don’t remember ever being bored, as I played on competitive & school soccer & volleyball teams/clubs completely year round. We traveled all over, and my weekends were always filled with a game or a tournament, and what I remember most is my parents never ever missing a single game. Ever. I can only hope to be that supportive of a parent as Tanner grows from toddler into a real life human 'big boy'.


I earned a Bachelor of Science, with honors, from California State University Chico with a double option in Recreation Administration in Resort, Lodging, and Event Management and Tourism, and a mini degree in Public Relations from Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, where I studied abroad during my junior year. Hi, life changing experience. The essence of travel, a wanderlust heart, and the appreciation of new cultures and experiences will forever hold a place in my heart due to the people I met, and the incredible adventures I had while in the South Pacific. Since having Tanner, my wings have been more clipped than soaring, but establishing roots for him has been a priority and brings us both happiness and security.


I accepted my first job out of college when I was recruited by Marriott International, the Vacation Club branch. They presented five cities/states I could choose from, & I let them chose my fate! I ended up in Park City, Utah, and it was one of the most fun, magical experiences of my life! From there I was promoted within events and moved to Pacific Beach, San Diego, where I worked on the Event Operations team at the JW Marriott Marquis in Seaport Village. Dream. Job. Dream City. I learned SO much, and eventually had the knowledge and strength to open my own wedding & event planning business, Better Half Weddings & Events, when the wind blew me to South Florida a year later. With an entrepreneurship background, Coastline Pressure Cleaning, Inc., was born, a commercial and residential pressure washing company serving the state of Florida. Although some would say I was 'living the dream,' my heart always knew no matter how successful I was, if my heart wasn't in it, it wasn't 'living.' The gypsy in me was ready to move on from what my Florida roots had planted, and I knew in my soul California was calling my name again.


















In August of 2013, the sweetest love of my life was born, Tanner. I never realized how protective becoming a mother makes you. Like overnight you become a mama grizzly bear who wants nothing but the absolute best for their little cub. Growing up in California, I knew it was always where I wanted to end up to raise a family. Although life didn’t exactly go as planned, I’ve learned to go with the flow and that everything happens for a reason. AND OH BOY DOES IT HAPPEN FOR A REASON.


When one door closes, I pinky promise, ten more open. and they're glittery and shiney and filled with happiness and refuel your being, your purpose, YOU. 


Each day might not always be a good day, but there is good in every day. As long as we’re surrounded by friends, family, and laughter, we can do anything. We can survive, and trive. Better than ever.


After Tanner I found my true passion; health & fitness. At 8-months post-partum I looked in the mirror and said “who the heck are you?!” None of my clothes fit – not even my pregnancy clothes! Umm…no. Not okay. I decided right then and there it was time for me, and time for a change.


From there, I decided to start an Instagram one day documenting my fitness journey and life as a single mom. The rest is history!



a mama to a toddler. 

a clean(ish) eater.

believer in karma.

sunset chaser.

picture taker.

adventure seeker.

california roots.

gypsy soul & wanderlust heart.


life is all about balance.

encinitas, california


Encinitas, California

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